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Citizen’s association “Ub Youth Club – Ub OK” was established in 2010 as non-partisan, non-governmental organization and non-profit association, established for an indefinite period in order to achieve objectives in the promotion and implementation of youth policies and work with youth to improve their position in local community and region.

Our organization is a team of young people who gained experience by engaging in the NGO sector, through its membership and work in various non-governmental organizations, and decided to focus towards the promotion of youth activism, as well as all forms of active social participation and increase the visibility of young people in social environments.

On this basis we believe that we have the capacity to implement projects, primarily due to the theoretical knowledge that our members receive during the study and performance of their professional obligations, as well as non-formal education and practical experience that members of the association are individually acquired.

“Ub OK” provides an array of academic, social and emotional development services that respond to the unmet needs of the young people we serve.  Those services include academic assistance, life skills education, social skill development, recreational and athletic activities, cultural and artistic activities, parental support, crisis intervention, mentoring, case management, and individual, group, and family counseling.


“Ub OK” took part in the project „Citizen“, supported by “Citizen Initiatives” and “Institute for open communities” – Belgrade, by providing technical and institutional support to high school student parliament of Gymnasium „Branislav Petronijević” – Ub. As a result of the collaboration, high school students qualified and participated in the review of projects all over Serbia in Belgrade, with as many as six of its projects and noted excellent results. Winning second place at the festival of Serbian projects, their projects qualified to the regional competition in Ohrid, Macedonia, where the project was highly praised by the jury. Budget for their project was about 5.000 € and was provided by “Citizen Initiatives” and local government.

Public hearings on the Law on Youth, where the current activists Ub OK participated together with representatives of institutions and young people from the municipalities of Valjevo, Valjevo and Ljig and representatives of the Ministry of Youth and Sports held a round table for making the Law on Youth.

In the campaign „Let’s Clean Serbia” 2010 and 2011, “Ub OK” was actively involved in organizing volunteers, mainly students of schools from Ub, who gave a great contribution to the whole action. City of Ub collected about 140 cubic meters or five containers (827 bags) and 223 other waste bags (37 cubic meters). “General cleaning” of the city was supported by over 700 volunteers. Budget for this project was about 7.000 euros and was provided by Ministry for Ecology and local government.

School of language culture is the course, which began in the second week of March this year and brings together over 30 high school students. During the course, expert speakers will teach students to express properly, paying attention to phonetics and diction and using modern teaching methods. The project is aimed at fostering culture, language, and trainees. The project is still ongoing and is scheduled to become a regular activity of the organization. In the current implementation, we established a base of at least 50 potential volunteers and youth who are ready to activate on its own and in the local community.

Youth Entrepreneurship in cooperation with Youth Office Ub and the support of USAID, the course is held in the first week of March 2011 and which brought together over 25 participants. The aim of the training was that young people who are interested in starting own business, improve existing or interested to gain new knowledge and skills in entrepreneurship. Activists of organization and the course participants gained new knowledge and skills that they can contribute to creating better conditions for their work despite the improved conditions in the local community.

Ecological map of Tamnava: The project aimed to create a single directory – maps ecologically important places in the municipality of Ub to the following environmental actions geared towards promoting and protecting the environment at these locations. The project includes the reclamation and protection of sites through the activities of planting seedlings and equipment locations trash cans and PET bottles.  Project was supported by Ministry for ecology and spatial planning (5.500 €) and Municipality of Ub.

Stop Violence is a project developed in cooperation with the OSCE Mission to Serbia, Municipality of Ub and Ub police station, dedicated primary to school, whose goal was to reduce the number of events bullying involving children in primary schools. The purpose of the project was to develop the students’ awareness of diversity and non-discriminatory treatment, the need for a common understanding of problem solving and group interests, the importance of social skills such as listening and tolerance and quality ways of spending leisure time (sport, socializing …).

Ub Media: The project aimed to raise young people to be informed about the work of the local media, and to actively participate in them. Project was implemented through two components: journalism workshops and language courses. The project is aimed at increasing opportunities for active leisure time of young people through participation in educational activities and access to content that is inaccessible or even completely intact.

European Values for Youth: The aim of this project was to provide prospective students objectively and impartially the importance of understanding the functioning of the EU and further integration, but also to learn about student activism in Serbia, the country to become a candidate for EU membership. Using special info-package, which will consist of several different brochures contain information on EU mobility programs such as the Youth in Action Ceepus, Euroweb, Comenius, Erasmus Mundus, Basileis, JoinEU EE and Leonardo Da Vinci young people will be in opportunity to examine the possibility of the EU in order to continuously work on their professional development.

Socio-economic inclusion of refugees and IDPs in Municipality of Ub: Overall objective of this project is Improvement of living conditions of refugees and IPDs and is in consistency with the specific objective of the Call for Proposals – „support the integration, improvement of living conditions and reintegration of refugees and IDPs“. Specific objective of this project is to strengthen capacity of the Municipality of Ub to contribute to solving problems of refugees and IDPs through provision of adequate support services to refugees, IDPs and their families. Project will be implemented through partnership of the local authority and Ub OK, which will be engaged in organizing and implementing educational activities and seminars. Project is funded by EU.

Social care stakeholders capacity strengthening: The project envisages 1) strengthening the capacities of actors of social policy at the local level, as well as the adoption of the Strategy for Social Protection of Ub for the period 2014-2018, 2) planning at the local level and the establishment of social services in the community to respond to the needs of vulnerable groups, their greater social inclusion and improved quality of life. The project is aimed at building the capacity of local actors, professional support and guidance in establishing partnerships, so service providers will be able to provide standardized and quality support services to vulnerable groups and individuals. This project is funded by the Government of the Republic of Serbia.


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